back is about 65%

had a few glasses of cuban rum and a sausage and pepperoni pizza and watched “falling down” with michael douglas. now im watching “mixed nuts” which is a pretty rotten movie but has an unbelieveable cast: steve martin, juliette lewis, adam sandler, gary shandling, rob reiner, parker posey, jon stewart, joely fischer, steven wright, madeline kahn, robert klein, and even though it was made in 1994 and you wouldnt think he was even alive yet: haley joel osment.

it’s a christmas movie set on venice beach.

i was looking for a blank tape.

this is what happens when you can’t get up to find the remote.

this movie proves that you could have all the most talented people in the whole world in one movie and it can still be a horrible movie whose only really funny moments are adam sandler singing songs in his worst Opera Man rip-off.

this movie makes me want to get up and turn it off. but i cant.

i think it has ended. one of the most cliche and terrible endings of all.

oh no, its not the end. just a horrible false ending.

oh wait, it has ended.

the real ending is even worse than the false ending.

i would do anything to be at work right now.

thank you TF for another buck to the Snoop Fund.

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