my driver is about to take me to the doctor

the back is at about 75%, it’s amazing to see the human body heal itself with the absence of human medications, if you dont count rum and pizza, but i really have to go to work tomorrow and i am betting that if i plead to my doctor at Clinica Del Americas – the official physician of the xbi – that perhaps he will offer me up something a little more powerful than Tylenol.

ive learned a lot during this black weekend. first of all, i refuse to get old. if walking around bent over is what aging is about, count me out. i’d rather join the taliban re-election committe. i’m going to be in the gym three days a week minimum. i dont care what hot babes are waiting for me right after work, if an hour every other day will keep me away from the cane or the walker, then thats what it’ll have to be.

ive also learned that i need a new doctor, and sadly enough, this is what it might take for me to go back to the bureau.

i dont know if you remember it, but there appears to be a pattern in this nonsense that makes it act up this time of year. and even though it seems like a million years ago that i worked for the “good” guys, they sure know how to keep their agents on the streets and i appreciate that.

i also appreciate the daisy princess who has been tending to me over the last few days, making sure that i had food to eat and drink to drink and makes sure to remind me that my stubble is death to her delicate skin.

our love is a forbidden one and it will probably not last past opening day, but for the time that she was here with me during this, some of my darkest hours, i will be forever indebited to her grace, kindness and selflessness.

last night we watched the Simpsons and then “Bandits” and i fell asleep during the film, but what i saw i liked and what i slept through, ashley swears i would have liked too. ok, my limo is here, wish me luck good people. and if you ever see me acting like Eddie Vedder, music’s answer to Russell Crowe, kick me in the shins and rip a hair from my nostril.

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