hi blogger, i no longer love you.

you lose my excellent postings, freezing up when i have something good to say, and post my words in such a way that all the fly girlies get scared away. i swear not much in here is true, except for mariah, anna, and you.

if you’re like me, you climb onto the bus, then take a subway, then take another subway and enter your lonely bachelor pad, fire up the computer, crack open a two-liter of Dr. Pepper, throw on some pajamas, have a little smoke, and then go to Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Click “Join Private League” and if you want to play against me, and some incredibly competitive fellows, join League ID#: 20899 Password: redsox.

i am not the commissioner of this league, a former associate is and he is fair and a red sox fan, so beware.

the Live Draft is tomorrow at 7:30pm, so be ready. and yes, i will destroy you.

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