im usually wrong about lots of things

i dont mind. sometimes i even like being wrong.

yesterday i was saying that i got a sweet french link and i was amazed because i was being held in similar regard as pro journalists like my friends, the welches. well, good ole, emmannuelle, fresh from her petite vacation in beloved Oregon emailed me about this French site that has me listed as a … gasp .. journalist! Sacre Bleu! Perhaps the nice folks have lost something in the translation, but as much as i would love to enter that respectable profession, i am certainly not worthy, at this point of such a benediction.

but merci, mes amies.

actually i do plan on doing some hard-core reporting in the very near future. as in very very very near future. as in hopefully within 24 hours from now you will see an update on my main page which will tie in nicely to this Bus Blog. riding home yesterday i realized that i don’t really talk that much about the public transportation any more in here and that’s wrong of me. i need to. so even though ashley was waiting for me, i delayed my return home to interview one of the broken escalators at the Wilshire and Vermont station. it was an eye-opening experience, and im sure fascinating reading for all.

ashley has left the casa and is heading back to Disneyland where she will audition to be in the Electrical Parade, or whatever they’re calling that parade now. it was a quick little visit where she got to spend a lot of time with one of her best friends. i totally enjoyed hanging out with both of them and i hope they didnt mind my seriously trashed apartment.

speaking of friends, my good pal Dan has an amazingly talented girlfriend named Sara who writes in a style that i like a lot. her journal is on diaryland and here is something that cracked me up yesterday.

You know when you have a dream about somebody and the next time you see them you maybe feel a little embarassed because in the dream you were doing something with them that you wouldn’t normally do in real life? When I woke up yesterday I felt that way about the whole world. God damn you, hangover.

i promise you that now that i will have lots of time to spend in the evening that this site will be back to its normal, mediocre self. strangely my man JC hasn’t seemed to care much about the recent decline in quality as he continues to bust with the bucks each day– i believe he has hit 10 days in a row of the flow. Dude! thank you.

my email box was flooded with people telling me that Cadillac has a new pick-up truck that i might be interested in if the Snoop DeVille is delayed in its progress. But at a MSRV of $50k, it’s gonna take an outpouring of generosity from more than a few of you. (cough)corporatesponsorship(cough). And a few folks even mentioned Shaq’s special edition Ford Expedition, the SST, but we’ll cross that bridge when we cross that bridge, as good ole #34 might say.

Speaking of which, happy 30th birthday, Shaq, you’ve been my favorite Laker for quite some time.

Auction update: a kind reader let me know that one reason that i have received over 1,000 hits to my new auction has to do with all the traffic from Who Would Buy That, a web site devoted to telling people about wacky auctions. I keep telling you, there’s a web site for everything. i lie, i’ve never told you that. anyway, they listed me on Saturday. maybe someone could tell me how i’ve only gotten two bids off 1,000 views? Ashley sems to think that you all would rather bid on her auctions. I blame Greenspan. And Bud Selig, of course.

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