it was doug miller’s birthday on saturday

and i woulda gone but i was flat on my back being attended to by a girl who wouldnta even been allowed to deliver the roses and whiskey that i would have sent with her since she’s isnt old enough to get into the club that hosted the fiesta.

doug and i go back to the KCSB days and i never knew that he was that much older than me because he had the same sarcastic wit and love for cheap cold beer served from kegs at pizza shacks disguised as restaurants. i will never be able to thank doug for making me feel at home at KCSB, for stopping me in the street and pointing at me and saying that he heard my show that morning (i was on 6-9am) and saying how good it was.

this was a guy who pretty much hated everything. the music that people played on the radio, the things we wrote about in the newspaper, the tshirts i probably wore. he was (and is, he’s 40, not dead) the protypical Punk: he made his own fashions, cut his hair the way he saw fit, sported a buzz cut and dark glasses. and his radio show was so good that before i made my way to bed with my girlfriend at the time, i would turn the radio on to hear if Doug’s rock show would be on.

i remember one night the plan was that me and my girlfriend were going to make beautiful love before calling it a night. i turned on the radio for some background noise and the noise was doug’s show and i asked my girl if it would be ok if we postponed the festivities until the show as over. and as she did her homework topless in the bed, i sat crosslegged staring at my clockradio with my hands on my chin, just as if it were the 50s, when doug was being born.

im sorry i missed the bash, but im glad that marc brown was there, and casey and some of the regulars of Spaceland. we have an american hero with our pal Doug and im glad that im not the only one who appreciates his presence.

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