the good people of ohio

have a bunch of rock stars invade their city this time of year for the rock n roll hall of fame.

for some reason im not a big fan of the rock and roll hall of fame.

i am happy that this year the ramones, and tom petty and the talking heads were allowed in, but it’s a weird hall of fame. the weirdest ive ever seen. seems to me that you should have to have a fist fight to get in. it also seems like no one is geniunely happy when they get in except for the old washed up blues singers who got all of their money stolen away from laywers and shady managers but who still have those golden pipes.

im still waiting until ac/dc and the replacements get it.

go to any sporting arena: major league baseball, football, hockey, basektball. they will play more ac/dc than any other band.

back in black is 22 years old for pete sake.

im at work.

the back is 85%, my good pal Ian has a grandmother with a medicine cabinet full of expired prescriptions. he made his way through them after he found out that my doctor sent me home without seeing me yesterday.

i had called Cinica Del Americas at around 11am yesterday, i said i would like to have a prescription for Vicadin. they said you had to see the dr first. i said ok. so i took a shower and brushed my teeth and hobbled over there with the aid of ashley who likes to wear super short shorts and cutoff shirts and big clompy shoes and her hair down when the sun is bright and warm like it was yesterday.

he helped me cross the street and go down the two blocks to the doctor.

get to the window and the women dont even want to look at me. they say, its too late. if you had been here before noon he could have seen you, but it’s after noon, he cant see you now till 4pm.

i saw a kid sitting on the chair next to his father. the father was looking at ashley. her little belly button was revealed. the little kid was making an outline of my posture and writing it in his book.

he wrote the first 7 of his entire life.

his father didnt even notice.

so we walked to wendy’s to have a sandwich. i got a bacon cheeseburger and “chips chili and cheese” which looks exactly like what nachos look like vomited up and collected in a plastic container.

it should be marketed as the first fast-food product guaranteed to look grosser going down, than it would coming back up.

we made it back home and ian came over with a collection of little plastic bottles of grandma love and after he left ashley did a little dance of good tidings and we fell asleep before even watching david letterman.

and here i am before you, not a girl, not quite a woman.

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