this is jim marshall

he is the inventor of the marshall amps that you see behind all the great rock stars from ac/dc to weezer, nirvana, and tsar.

he didnt die yesterday. today isnt his birthday. he didnt win any medal.

sometimes it’s nice to spotlight good people for just being good people and adding their little coolness to the beef stew of love that i hope youre partaking in today.

just because my life seems to be pretty mundane and happy and normal doesnt mean that everyone’s life is. some very good people are having some very hard times and trust me when i tell you that i think that sometimes im the luckiest person in the world.

im not talking about being named Blog of the Day, or getting $5 from TF a day after he gave me a buck for the SDV. Those things are totally unexpected and really nice.

i think im lucky because i have had some super close friends for 10 years, some for 15 years, and a couple for 20 years now and i dont know why the hell they dont teach you in school about how to do your taxes, or fix your car, but they really should stress the importance of real true friendships because those are what keeps you sane and what inspires you and what makes you superfuckingrad when you feel like you’re supershittyshitty.

i also think they should make you read the Bible and teach you how to play guitar, but we’ll save that for another day.

I have one request. And you dont have to do it. I have a friend who is having a tough time with her true love. She says that she is sick of hearing all these sticky sweet love songs on the radio and she would like for me to make her a cd of pop, rock, whatever, of songs that have nothing to do with love or war.

email me at with your song suggestions and perhaps it will make it on the cd.

I will post the list of songs on here in the next few days.

Pray for the Gauchos, tonight vs AZ, they’re going to need it.

P.S. Blogger was down for most of today so sorry for the lack of posts.

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