touch me, im sick

ive got the dial tuned into LA’s classic rock station and i pity the fools who dont embrace some of the guilty pleasures on the airwaves like Two for Tuesdays, like look here, they just went from AC/DC to the Doors comeoncomeoncomeon touch me, babe.

what was that promise that you made?

in the mornings i like to poke my head outside this cave and watch the flies buzzing around the grounds. and then that will be the last of daylight that i’ll get since then i retreat to my shack behind the guest house and wack away at the typer writing to you and you, and yes, even you.

hello! hello! hello!

i want to

i need my baby, oh.

i am so easily pleased. one of the benefits about the web and websites and blogs and what have you are the interesting people that happen to stumble across these words.

all of the visitors to this site are cool, espcially RW who gave $7 to the bad kitty fund, and Emily who was the first contributer to the worthy cause, but one of the coolest chaps is named Eric who lives in Ohio.

Eric is one of the Tres Producers who tells me that his daughter thinks im cool, which is fantastic, but what is extraordinary is his circle of friends and acquaintences in the Cleveland area. As you know, Cleveland is the home of the rock ‘n roll hall of fame. And Blogspot is down, so I can’t get to Eric’s page right now to find out his relation to Bob Gruen, rock photographer, but Eric was saying something about him today or yesterday and after clicking a few links, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

True, I’m heavilly medicated right now, battling this bug, but it turns out that Bob is responsible for some of the most classic photographs in all of rock.

We live in a golden era, friends. Rock and roll started less than 50 years ago, which means some the framers of the genre are still around and making a joyful noise.

Bob was lucky enough to document Zepellin, the Who, and Dylan, but I think that his best work was in and around CBGB, the little Bowery club that helped launch the likes of the Ramones, Blondie, the Talking Heads, and the New York Dolls.

Not to missed are his galleries of pics starring the Sex Pistiols, the Clash, and the Stones.

Long live rock.

Death to this cold.

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