when i was a kid

there was no one sexier than Bo Derek. i dont think there was any arguement about it. I was too young to get into the movies to see “10” but somehow i got my hands on the “Playboy” that she was in, and i remember seeing the Barbara Walters interview of John Derek, who was much older than Bo and who had been married to Linda Evans and he had this very casual air about him, quite carefree, and I remember wanting to be like him very badly.

But like most average boys, and most people, I would imagine, I identified much more with the bumbling, diminutive, day-dreamer that Dudley Moore portrayed in “10.”

I don’t know why obituaries attract my attention so much, although I remember Mike Royko saying that the way that he started in journalism was by writing obits during the graveyard shift with the Sun-Times, and if i were an aspiring journalist, I would have no problem tackling that first rung of writing. It seems easy.

Dudley Moore, the 5′ 2″ comedian and musican, died in his home in New Jersey yesterday due to pneumonia which was caused by complication of the rare disease called progressive supranuclear palsy, his spokesperson said.

Born in 1935 just outside of London with a club foot that stunted his growth, Moore studied music at Oxford where he met Peter Cook, a comedic actor, whom he would make several movies with.

Appearing in over 40 films and tv roles, Moore made his breakthrough in 1978 as Stanley Tibbets in the Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase comedy, “Foul Play“. That led to starring roles in “10” (1979), Wholly Moses (1980), and his biggest hit, “Arthur” in 1981.

Moore is survived with four ex-wives and one son, Patrick, whom he fathered with actress Tuesday Weld.

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