blink 182 is on

it’s one of the only good songs that ive heard on kroq this morning.

i have stopped listening to pasadena’s world famous alt rock station, but they’re giving away a pair of tickets to see no doubt in sydney australia and ashley is convinced that she will win, despite all of the karmic signs that point to the opposite. she is making me suffer through the decade stale kroq playlist so she can win these tickets and take SOMEONE ELSE!

now the vines are on, no, i mean the strokes, no, actually its the fuckwhatstheir name? “im in love with a girl” white stripes. ok, why doesn’t kroq play something else from them? if they’re so cool why not play another song? instead they seem to want to make us hate the song they play it so much shoving it down, here consumer HERE!

red hot chili peppers is on now. “under the bridge.” why?

red hot chili peppers have a song on the radio right now that sounds just like this, and its new. the record came out like two weeks ago. why not play that one?

im nervous about their new record.

i hate the chili peppers’ records. i cant listen to them. nothing has ever caught that live sound that spastic frenzy funk metal explosion.

they were doing so good with “give it away” and then they start releasing all these damn ballads.

the intellectual heroin boy with his shirt off isnt who im looking to for philosophical love songs.

you wrote one good one, this one. now go back to rocking for me, please.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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