derek jeter!

tony pierce!

derek, im a big fan, even though youre a new york yankee. a star from the most dispised team in baseball.

tony, let me say that i am a big fan of yours, even though you type in a geeky ass Blog.

touche, but what the hell do you know about Blogs?

i know enough to know that you’re not getting many Comments lately.

yeah, no shit, what the hell is up with that?

beats me, you are hitting all the major topics, sex, drugs, rock, and now a sweet little All Star Game preview.

i don’t know, maybe the kids are so blown away by the awesomeness that they dont even know what to say.

yeah, right. i think thats what happened to the goth girls. you know, now both of the sisters think you’re a creep.

ok, radiohead, now let’s talk baseball. you guys just stole Raul Mondesi for a minor league relief pitcher, how does Steinbrenner do it?

first of all, that guy was a young left handed flame thrower, he was only pitching relief so that the whole world wouldnt see his awesome stuff.

dude, you got Raul Mondesi, the Toy Cannon.

yeah, but he hasnt been hitting much lately.

oh, but you dont think he’ll be popping them over the short porch in right?

probably, but let’s talk about me.

ok, derek, you’re hitting over .300, 11 homers, 19 stolen bases, over 100 hits, just another super consistant season for you.

almost boring, huh?

28 and living the life. how many world series rings you got?

ive lost count.

how are the ladies treating you, DJ?

not as well as they’re treating you, i hear.

all rumor and gossip, my half black friend.

no way, i saw you walking around town with that cuban girl the other day.

yeah, but she doesnt wanna see me any more. she says i make her nervous.


actually the list of things that she doesnt like about me are pretty long.

sounds like mariah.

oh thats right, you were dating my girl for a little bit.

tony, for a while there it was incredible. and the first night that we got together. shit. it was magic.

so what happened?

you know, sometimes when you give a girl everything she wants she can get a little freaked out.

were you willing to give her Everything?

i dont know, for mariah, i might have. we never made it that far though. she kicked me to the curb before i got to get my records back.

which records?

she still has my signed copy of “Kill ’em All” and my picture disc of the first Nerf Herder album.

that bitch!

yeah. i mean, no. i really liked that girl, she could have anything she wants from me. anything.

ok, later Derek Jeter, have fun winning the world series again.

ok, later tony, have fun ruling the world some more.

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