the ergonimitrist came to my desk

and told me that i was wresting all my weight on my wrist and my arms and thats why i was hurting.

she also said my hands were too far stretched away from my body.

the pain has now made the grand tour from one hand down the arm up the neck down the leg then over to the other hand and down to the leg leaving in its wake a buzzy little reminder of who’s boss and who aint.

my phone didnt stop ringing tonight and thats good, i needed a distraction away from my computer, who ive been addicted to since ’98.

so this is what i need. i need some guest writers.

i have a staff of three. send in your story, and if the staff of three gives it a thumbs up then i’ll post it.

just email me at and we’ll see what happens.

go ahead, give it a try!

no, really, try.

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