Hello, guest blogger Steven A. Adams

filling in for the debilitated Tony Pierce.

There is a big controversy concerning cam girls who only show their cams to a select few.

Actually, I�m just ticked that no one will show me her cam; there really is no controversy. In my search for the best cam girl story in the world of cam girl stories, I decided to visit the trailer park of the cam girl world: Yahoo Chat, West Virginia.

Trailer park cam girls, just like their counterparts in the real world, are not afraid to be exhibitionists. Muumuus, tube tops, and 1980s hairstyles top the list of fashion statements made by these trailblazers. But none of us, not even Tony Pierce, can understand the minds of these high-tech rednecks.

To let us into the secrets of a trailer trash cam girl, we talked to Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf, 22, of Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Woohaa2k1: Hi, I’m a reporter with tonypierce.com, can I ask a couple of questions

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: what?

Woohaa2k1: I’m doing a special report on cam girls; do you consider yourself one?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: no not really, y

Woohaa2k1: well, because the little icon next to your name shows a TV

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: ok so it does

Woohaa2k1: so you’re an amateur cam girl

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: whatever you wanna call it. What do you want to know?

Woohaa2k1: well, first: do you get any enjoyment from giving away your right to privacy?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: I am an exhibitionist. If I wanted privacy id click ignore.

Woohaa2k1: well, that’s good. How do you pick who gets to see the good stuff? Is it an eeny-meeny-miny-moe sort of thing?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: nope. I have friends that I talk to all the time. They get the good stuff, no one else. If I don�t want someone watchin my cam. I kick ’em out

Woohaa2k1: Well, where’s the exhibition if only your friends get to see, they already know you?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: I get new friends all the time. I have hundreds of thousands of friends, people I talk to if you will.

Woohaa2k1: How doe one get so many admirers?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: well. You gotta look good. for one. and I aint a dog and you gotta play well with others… and I’m bi. so that covers that and you have to be friendly

Woohaa2k1: gee, sounds like you’ve got all bases covered and you hit a homerun

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: naaa. Sometimes I mess up and get a really bad looser in there. I weed out the ones I don�t want watchin me

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: u like me don�t ya.

Woohaa2k1: At this point in my single life I like anyone, so let’s not drag me into this. I’m just an objective reporter.

Woohaa2k1: do you get a power rush from being able to choose who watches and who doesn’t?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: I�m a dominatrix by nature. Got a big show tonight, so I got to go get some rest.

Woohaa2k1: show? what do you do?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: gonna get my pussy ate by my b/f on cam. Just joking

Woohaa2k1: good, because this is a family website I’m writing for (not really)

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: lmao

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: I was joking when I said that bout my b/f

Woohaa2k1: I know, I can read. I didn�t become a writer by pointing at pictures; I�m not dense.

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: For the most part I sit here and make faces at the cam and suck on suckers. ya know.

Woohaa2k1: I understand, I like suckers as much as the next person

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: hehehe

Woohaa2k1: have you discovered how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: well the owl says three. but I beg to differ. It took me 568 licks without biting. lmao

Woohaa2k1: That’s why most owls are endangered species; they�re stupid

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: and they bite. lol

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: I don�t bite I nibble. hehehehe

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: I gotta go hon.. I work at night. gotta rest now

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: bi bi

Woohaa2k1: I get it

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: do you

Woohaa2k1: yes you bisexual

Supa_sexy_bi_22_swf: bi bi now cya later

Woohaa2k1: bye

Armed with this type of information, even the fattest, horniest, bald-headed, nacho-eating 45-year-old can get his lustful passions fuel by a fine and foxy trailer trash cam girl. This is tonypierce.com guest correspondent Steven A. Adams saying good masturbating.

Steven Adams is a sports writer and columnist for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, whose blog can be found at http://theunsilentmajority.tripod.com.

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