hi, monday

hi tony, you look groggy.

am groggy.

do anything fun this weekend?

same old, same old. you know.

let me guess, you did your laundry, watered the plants, cut the grass?

yep, pretty much. i did see that new adam sandler movie though.

oh shit, isnt it awesome!

it is good!

tony, why do these critics get it wrong so much?

well, think about it, how many movie critics do you know who are particularily intelligent?


cuz if they were they’d be getting paid like ten times as much working for the studios as consultants.

or as, oh, i dont know, directors.

or writers.

i never liked ebert when siskel was alive. i like him less now.

seems to me that they’re nice enough film geeks who got lucky and fell into a job where they can be wrong all the time and not have to write well.

sounds like a perfect job for you.

pssst, nobody likes you, monday.

shhhh. but did you really expect them to really like an Adam Sandler remake of a Capra classic?

no, Capra is one of the eight directors they all reference. he’s untouchable. now if their boy Tom Hanks redid Capra and had Meg Ryan costar in it they would fall all over themselves slobbering all over it, but let someone creative and funny and original like Adam Sandler truly go for it…

and they’ll bitch slap it.

i went over to RottenTomatoes.com, and nine out of ten critcs hated Sandler’s “Mr. Deeds.”

how much money did it make this weekend?

$37 and a half million dollars.

did people at your theatre like it?

fucking loved it.

guess the critics don’t know shit.

couldnta said it better myself, my friend.

you should make a list of all the critics who loved it and got it and said so last friday.

sounds good, but it will be a short list.

speaking of short lists, how come you dont have anyone proofread your site?

yeah, i know. i do my site super late at night, and last night i didnt even click through the new photo essay once to make sure it all worked.

that woulda taken you a whole two minutes.

i know, i know, i suck. just, when you get to page 23 and whenit wont let you click to page 24, just type in 24.htm at the end of page 23.

so that it goes to http://www.tonypierce.com/2002/7/1dearkidsoworld/24.htm ?


you’re losing it, dude.

i know. i lost it a while ago.

have a good me day.

i’ll try.

82. compulsive

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