sonny has been over a lot since i cant use the computer after work

sorta sucks but what can i do?

today he said, dude, did you see bro steppin to your girl like you aint even standing there?

english, sonny, speak english to me.

meesh has it on her site, nunya business has it on his site…

meesh isn’t my girl!

she should be.

she lives all the way up in oxnard!

an hour. fuck, for that shit, i’d walk.

no offense sonny, but if you did walk from here to oxnard you’d walk past about 5,000 other hot chicks who wouldn’t have you either.

maybe not me, but she’d have you.


omg, tony, look what is posted on her site right now. it’s you spewing the most unbelievable stupid shit and her eating it up. its nearly disgusting.

not as disgusting as moxie and jim treacher.

don’t change the subject.

this is a stupid subject.

what on earth has invaded my best friend tony pierce?

go home.

because whatever is in the skin of my buddy just said that talking about hot chicks is a stupid subject.

go get some beers or something, order a pizza.

don’t you like asian chicks any more?

shut up.

don’t you like tall girls with long hair any more?

say one more thing, sonny and im going to smack you.

got something against marketing directors at a computer company?

come here so i can smack you.

and shes a libra! your gay ass air sign requirement is filled.

stand still, im going to throw this shot glass at your eye.

some guy is going to pop in simply red and swoop on the hottest chick you ever met and you’re not going to do shit. i cant believe this.

shes in the top three. i never said number one.

you used to be my hero, tony pierce.

i wish you had told me back then, i woulda kicked your ass.

if its the turtleneck thing. i will buy you a fucking turtleneck if that’s what’s holding you back.

great, now all i need is a mercedes sedan.

moxie will loan you her porsche.

think so?

no. but maybe people will start flowing you bucks for your snoop de ville.

kevin holtsberry has flowed me a buck for three days straight.

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