last night my good pal karisa invited me over

claiming to have a half a case of sam adams and two quasi homo cats to laugh at.

at first i said no. i wasnt interested in getting out of my pajamas, hopping on a subway and skateboarding to her house in the hollywood hills.

but then i remembered what long time busblog reader chris c. advised me in one of my notes from yesterday. he said something to the effect that i should hang out with her and drown my sorrows.

so i offered to bring over the screener copy of Chicago and i hopped on the subway after putting on a pair of pants.

the ride was nice as the cars were packed with LA Kings fans who had just enjoyed a night at Staples Center. lots of older white guys, successful older white guys and young white guys in brand new Kings jerseys taking the subway.

i loved it.

just for kicks the universe had thrown in a few sleeping homeless people to freak everyone out.

didnt freak me out.

got off the subway at hollywood and vine and took a cab to karisa’s hidden lair. the cab cost $3.20 i gave the guy $6 and he gave me the thumbs up. we had a nice talk about how Hollywood wants to kick out all the poor. i said theres not enough rich folks to make up for it all.

the cabbie said theres a lot of rich people from overseas.

i said, no there isnt.

then me and karisa watched Chicago and to be honest with you, i dont know what the big deal is.

good parts: lots of half naked chicks in garters and stockings showing their stuff, quick cuts, good songs, good cinemetography.

but Richard Gere wasnt all that amazing. any actor could have played that role like he did. the blonde chick was good but the brunette chick wasnt even sexy.

sexiest person in the whole damn movie was Queen Latifah finally showing the world her huge bazooms.

i fell asleep several times.

even with super hot karisa with the sweet puma velour sweatpants doing cartwheels and lighting sparklers to wake me up.

so i give Chicago a B-.

raiders by 22

the accordian guy

dear tony,

this girl im dating had an extra ticket to the raiders / tennessee playoff game. she was gonna take me, but her ex boyfriend really really really really wanted to go. i had some shit to do and i knew there would be all these big ugly wicked problems if i went with her instead of him, so i decided that i would be super cool and let him fucking go with her. all i asked her to do was be back at my place at a reasonable time after the game.

i was thinking she would be able to fly back to la, and be at my house by midnight.

didnt happen.

at 2am i called her and asked her wtf.

she said what do you mean wtf?

i asked her, “what do you think a ‘reasonable time’ is?”

she said, “4am.”

i was so pissed off, i hung up.

at 4:15am she was knocking at my window asking for me to open the door.

i let her in but i didnt touch her, she slept on the couch and in the morning i ignored her some more.

now she wants to make up.

youre the king of chick issues, what is your opinion?

Raider Nathan.

Dear Nathan,

first of all, youre quite a man.

secondly, when you get burned after being cool, you have to realize that that is worse than getting burned after just being normal.

this is what i recommend you do with your woman.

have her apologize in a written form, using her own words.

then have her sign it in blood.

also tell her that she cannot communicate with this dude for one month.


and if she doesn’t do it, never talk to her again.

there are billions of people on this planet. theres no reason to socialize with those who disrespect you to your face and then dont do what it takes to make up the offence.

raiders by 21.

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