for some reason

a lot of the ladies that i run into have the hots for one john cusak.

if you ask me why, i couldnt tell you why.

me, i like some of the ladies that the ladies dont appreciate and i suppose thats understandable.

and as i look around the world wide web, about once a week i will read someone say that they dont know why I have such a following.

to all of you, let me join in with your wonderment. i dont know why i get attention either.

but enough about me.

how are you, dear readers?

did you miss me while i was in hell?

i missed you.

tell me a story, internet.

read me a poem.

do you have a nice joke?

im bored.

im bored of this blog too.

after being in Hell everything now is dull and too easy.

maybe i will go back to doing things only on the web site from now on. no more bloggy blog.

i dont know.

color me confused.

all i know is i would like to hold some girlfriend auditions but im not real sure how one would go about doing that without a network show.

anyhow, glad to be back. glad the raiders will play on superbowl sunday. glad i got to hang out with my friends this weekend.

much love,


friend of ken layne

the raiders won,

got to sleep with a hot chick this weekend, had a party, got to barbeque, got to celebrate martin luther king day.

still, today im not feeling so hot for some reason.

theres a disturbance in the force.

i have a lot of readers out there watching my back and this one fine woman emailed me that some ass is saying that what i am putting on my blog isnt true.

once again, someone is saying that what i am writing here isnt true.

uh, duh.

nothing in here is true.

isnt that the subtext of all of this?

but obviously some of it is true.

for example, i put up an address for ashley to mail me my mansion and beach house keys, and that same address all of you loyal readers can send me nice things.

why on earth would i put up a phony address that might receive Xbox’s and size 10 one stars, and digital cameras, and blank recording media, and cds full of photographs and mp3s if i wasnt going to be able to receive such nice things?

ponderous, man, ponderous.

anyhow, i have ass to kick so let me go kick it.

sorry if i dont write much in here today, theres a lot of loose ends i gotta tie up since i have been in hell for over a month, but i will do my best to do my best.

one love, brothers and sisters.

mc brown