first let me tell you

that blogging from the strange thick heavy wet darkness isnt so easy.

in fact the fact that one could blog from this place should be considered some sort of modern miracle.

in fact the fact that i have been blogging in secret from an internet cafe in the pits of Hell should be regarded as spectacular to say the least, but i guess i shouldnt be suprised when not everyone shares my beliefs.

so me and kurt sat around in the humid nothingness talking to each other about punk rock, poetry and the decline of major league baseball in the minds of the average american.

then he told me that he had to ask me some questions about life on earth since he’s been gone.

is music any better?


is rock any better?

hell no.

how about tv?

tv’s pretty good. they have a lot of reality shows now.

like Cops?

weirder than that.

what was the best thing that you’ve seen on tv in the last 10 years?

they had this thing called The Glutton Bowl, where they had people eating brains and balls and mayonaise…

what sort of balls?

cow balls.

oh shit, i thought you meant like tennis balls or ping pong balls.

nah, cow balls.


i think so.

how much mayonaise?

bowls and bowls. they made them eat sticks of butter too.



and brilliant.

oh yeah.

what did they win once they ate all that?

i dont remember.

hmmm. i miss earth, tony.

it misses you too, kurdt.


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