for some reason

a lot of the ladies that i run into have the hots for one john cusak.

if you ask me why, i couldnt tell you why.

me, i like some of the ladies that the ladies dont appreciate and i suppose thats understandable.

and as i look around the world wide web, about once a week i will read someone say that they dont know why I have such a following.

to all of you, let me join in with your wonderment. i dont know why i get attention either.

but enough about me.

how are you, dear readers?

did you miss me while i was in hell?

i missed you.

tell me a story, internet.

read me a poem.

do you have a nice joke?

im bored.

im bored of this blog too.

after being in Hell everything now is dull and too easy.

maybe i will go back to doing things only on the web site from now on. no more bloggy blog.

i dont know.

color me confused.

all i know is i would like to hold some girlfriend auditions but im not real sure how one would go about doing that without a network show.

anyhow, glad to be back. glad the raiders will play on superbowl sunday. glad i got to hang out with my friends this weekend.

much love,


friend of ken layne

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