happy new year, earthlings

Speaking of Ryan, I was referred to another site from his – tonypierce.com. Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t really see what the big deal was when I first went there. Perhaps, I wasn’t paying attention. Or perhaps it’s because I’m not really a big fan of Kurt Cobain and for days on end this is all I saw when I went there.

Either way, I now see why the entire blog world is in love with this guy. His writing is fantastic. I have become another fan.

Haha. Anyway, I feel kind of nerdy and gay talking about blogs so I will desist. For now.. *gasp*

– Chrystal


people think that if they say nice things about me it will give me a big head. they’re so wrong.

i’m in love with tony pierce

– Anonymous


the truth is, it helps me in lots of ways.

especially here in hell.

i got to eat cold pizza and ginger ale today.

im sure there will be side effects of some sort, but so far so good.

i do have some new year resolutions, which is weird cuz i rarely anything like this.

i resolve to lose my beer gut. i resolve to get my biceps bigger. i resolve to get some decent clothes this year.

i resolve to have at least two posts a day and at least two quality posts a week.

i resolve to write more about ashley while she and i remain friends.

i resolve to cut down on my soda intake here in my cave. more water, less dr. pepper.

i resolve to have a sequel to Blook out before baseball season starts, and this time i will actually publicize it.

i resolve to date more, take more risks, like actually saying hi to hot babes.

i resolve to download more music, burn more cds, and go to more movies.

i resolve to keep trying to get a job writing professionally and not take it so hard when they laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.


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