i have several best friends

but the best friend i had this weekend was my ex girlfriend chris who totally cracks me up sometimes.

but lets not get into any of that.

one thing she did last night was come over to my house and make me watch the new episode of Alias.

one of the commercials earlier in the day had the lead character Jennifer Garner appear in lingerie.

i told Chris after watching the commercial that i would, indeed, join her in viewing the episode.

by the way, if any of my loyal readers has any screen shots of last night’s program, please either email them to me at alias@tonypierce.com or leave a link in the comments section below.

anyhow, it was a good episode and chris and i held hands and drank and ate and enjoyed each others company a great deal despite me cracking some of the dumbest jokes of all time.

it was a pretty good weekend, overall.

chris bought a brand new, used car. an acura with 34k miles. its super clean and fast and looks great. and it made me totally want a car.

chris said it cost her $16k.

i was all, how will i get $16k.

she said, you have about 1,000 people a day come to your site. if you got $10 from 1,600 you could get a $16k car.

i pulled out my slide rule and what do you know, she was right.

so this is what we agreed on, there will be no fundraisers for the busblog this entire year except for this one. what i will do is start a new list of benefactors on the left hand column underneath the picture of anna. the first people to flow get their names on top and they stay there until someone flows more than $10. by the end of the year, whatever the total is is what i will spend on a car.

i can go another year without a car. but not much longer. im a grown man. a man needs a car.

so if you are a fan of the blog, bust out with your $10 and tell as many of your friends as you can. all we need is 1,600 people. thats not really that many if you think about it.

while you are donating, there is a box in the form where you can put in a message. if you want me to link your blog, i will be happy to. just let me know the url in the message box.

ive seen a lot of dumb things come true thanks to the Internet, this, i believe is dumb enough to work.

let’s make this work, people.

who will be the first?

will it be you?

flow $10 to the busblog

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