in hell, these are men.

so be careful.

deceit is everything here.

trickery. lies. the fakeout.

you can be playing football and your whole offensive line will just let the fuckers run right thru on an all out blitz and you’re going to eat it for a down.

or two.

what can you do?

they know that the easiest thing to do is to let some motherfucker storm through like a bitch, but they don’t care.

you take a breather when you can down here.

let someone else pay for a minute, at least it’s not you.

people fight sometimes but it’s not really worth it, you’d be surprised how peaceful it can be once you learn to ignore the shrieks and the terrible moans of suffering and the unbelievable sounds of bones being broken and crushed and twisted and bleached and rebuilt.

the men look like women and the women look like ugly women except for the poor who look like transvestites with big feet and adams apples and fake boobs and prom dresses.

the crowd stomped their feet and applauded when a she-she like they’re called stepped up to me in the sex palace, but i was just there to watch.

it was my day off from performing.

so i went back to work on my cotton candy and nodded to the damned

and kissed the hand

of the woman

who looked like a man

but was really a woman.

they play van haggar everywhere you go.

and everyone is wearing burberry.

welch is back

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