my agent booked me to be on a panel

of bloggers that will discuss blogging.

i need to give them a picture of me, and i need to give them a 50 word bio.

only problem is i dont know if i have a good picture of me and i know that i cannot think of 50 words to describe myself and why i deserve to be on that panel.

one of the guys on the panel created Blogger.

another guy is a doctor.

another guy invented one of the best sites on the web, boing boing.

one chick is super hot and a journalist.

another chick is also super hot and also a journalist.

so in lots of ways i am the Everyman that the blogging phenomenom created. i dont get paid to write, im not a code guy, im not famous or even semi famous. im just a dumbass who has access to the internet.

Tony Pierce is simply a dumbass with access to the Internet. He has been a dumbass for 109 years. After being shown the possiblilties of publishing on the world wide web in 1996 by mr. marc brown, he helped contribute to Buzznet, one of the first web zines, and then created his own web zine, Lick.

Since then he has written for and had his poems published in the “Connecticuit Poetry Review” and Santa Barbara’s “Spectrum”.

Recently back from a short hiatus into Hell, the UC Santa Barbara graduate returns to making up fatastical lies and posting them on his strangely popular blog at

i guess that wasnt so hard.

i am a little nervous to be honest with you.

i have no idea what to say, and i have a long list of things i dont want to say.

i dont want to really talk at all about myself. i would like to talk about hits but not for too long because hits dont always mean that you have good stuff.

and i really dont want to talk about how or why i started this thing– at all. because i dont want to lie in public.

in actuality i started this blog so that i could get one particular girl to notice me and think i was cool.

i guess thats all i probably need to say about that.

thanks blog!

3rd Leg

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