super tall writer girl called me last night

to interview me for this one thing, might have been the ny times or la times. hard to remember. i had just got back from hell.

she asked me how did i get into the internet. i said marc brown 96. then she asked me how many hits my blog gets. i said about a thousand a day. she says your stats say less. i said my stats are free stats and totally unaccurate. then i said my web site gets a thousand too.

she asked how come you think you get your hits.

i said i didnt know. and i wasnt kidding.

i said it cant be because of the writing, because if you wanted good writing you literally could read shakespeare on the web. nobody’s stopping you.

and its not because im a hot young girl walking around half naked.

and i dont write about politics or even that many current events, really.

and it’s not like i show porn on here, or call people whores.

plus everything in here is lies.

so, i have no idea why people read this thing everyday, i told her.

maybe they’ll tell me one day.

afterwards i made a nice johnny cash mixed cd that im liking very much. made sure to put his covers of “rusty cage” “hurt” and “personal jesus” right in the middle of it all.

then i called my pal matt and he told me that it’s all about the Los Angeles Examiner.

and i read Luke Ford and i saw that, indeed, it was all about the Los Angeles Examiner!

then ashley did some fucked up shit, so i broke up with her for the first time this year.

and hopefully for good.

then i remembered that the journalist woman said that dawn olsen had written some real nice things about me, so i went over to her page, and hey, she did say some really nice things about me.

thanks, dawn!

from there i saw that her boyfriend jim had done torched the place.

then i saw wKen’s frisco peace rally slide show and loved it so much.

especially this pic, and this pic, and this one, and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one, and i love this girl.

ah, frisco, they let people shoot up under the overpasses in the daytime, but they always know how to throw a good rally.

nice job, wKen.

well now it’s sunday and two hot miami vice girls came over last night and dropped off some welcome home cookies that smelled somewhat organic, so im gonna dip into those and then get ready for game one of the conference championships.

lets go buccaneers, lets go raidahs.

and ashley, you can mail me back my key.

tony pierce

4845 fountain #15

hollywood, ca 90029

the rest of you can feel free to send me whatever nice things your hearts desire.


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