top of the fifth

card catcher matheny against prior who has 74 pitches going ito the inning. 2-2. cardinals have a rough rest of the season and it starts with this series against the cubs, easy single to right, sammy picks it up.

woody williams comes up. williams shows bunt, lays down a totally perfect bunt feet in front of home, they barely get him at first. one out the slow running catcher at second.

vina batting .263 comes up from the left side. shot to short dives, comes up, long throw to get the speedy vina who was injured with a hamstring, stretch by karos, out by a half step. runner to third with two outs. crowd cheers because palmeiro is up and his first name isnt rafael.

prior nearly hits orlando with the second pitch at the belt. 1-1 with pujols on deck. swinging strike on a bad pitch, crowd cheering gains to encourage the strike out, foul ball as palmerio loses his bat behind him on the follow through. crowd is standing. man is on third. inside pitch jams him but he fouls it back. then another foul. fly ball to left, alou moves to his right your left and nabs it. cards 0 cubs 0


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