bottom of the fourth

martinez takes it to 2-1. then 3-1. williams hasnt walked anyone today. line shot down the left field line, just foul. the crowd was excited. it takes the organ a while to settle down. full count. then ball four. crowd cheers.

no outs, cub catcher damien miller up. last year he was a diamond back. 85 mph curve swung at 0-1. next one fouled back. next one fouled to deep right. organ keeps people clapping. the lights are on. inside curve too inside. 1-2. people chant lets go cubs. outside fastball just outside called a ball. 2-2. throw to first. safe. outside curve shot up the middle while the runner was moving, vina with the glovespectacularilly, underhand flips it to renteria who is running towards second but its over his head, it bounces over to behind third, everyone is safe. first and second for prior no out.

prior lays down a perfect bunt off a high pitch, runners advance, prior out at first, crowd cheers. great bunt. one out.

infield in for lofton who bats from the left side. 1-1 after a foul ball. williams on the mound has a red beard, short flyball to center no one tags. edmonds has a good arm and the wind blew it in. two outs.

two men on two outs in the chicago night in the friendly confines. tony womack who came over from arizona is up with sammy sosa on deck. two quick balls to womack. card pitching coach comes out to remind woody williams that sammy sosa doesnt hit well off woody so dont give tony anything good. fastball right down the middle taken for a strike. that was something good. inside pitch almost hits him 3-1. the clouds look heavy with dreams and rain. high high pitch swung at, full count with first base open. and sammy on deck. foul terriroty pujols with one hand on the cubs dugout catches it, cubs leave two more. cards 0 cubs 0

raymi is innocent

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