top of the fourth

jim edmonds takes the first pitch a strike. edmonds batting lefty against the right handed proir fouls the second pitch back. cubs and cardinals to play two tomorrow starting at noon. then another game at 7:05pm CST. cubs will go over 2.5 million tickets sold this year tonight. edmonds fouls two more back. and then another. he hops after he misses. not a well developed moustache on edmonds. ball low. edmonds is working prior nicely. two more foul balls. ive never liked edmonds. he wears #15 for the red birds, full count. foul ball. prior takes the new ball walks behind the mound takes off his hat takes a deep breath, returns. outside change up, pause, ball four. boos. it was off by a half foot.

rolen fouls off the first pitch. no outs. high inside fastball called a strike. tino martinez on deck. foul tip caught cub catcher damien miller. 0-2. check swing, strike called for going around. fourth k for prior.

1-0 to martinez. outside strike called a ball, 0-2 to the lefty martinez. it seems the outside pitches to right handers is more generous than that for the left handers. high tight pitch high fly to short right taken by womack running backwards. two outs man on first.

renteria takes a good inside curveball that curves over the inside corner. renteria popped up in the second. next pitch is fouled off. 73 pitches for prior already. top of the fourth. crowd cheers, 6-4 force at second.

howard owens

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