bottom of the second

long drive to right for the moustachioed ramon martinez who has a little beard too. playing short fo the cubs. wind knocks it down and there probably wont be many homers today, fans.

one out for the catcher damien miller. long foul ball to right, long run for palmiero, hits bullpen safely. 2-2 for miller against woody williams. inside fastball, just missed. full count. inside corner, miller pulls it to left and waltzes into second base.

prior at bat, hitting .228 with 5 rbis. theres sand on the outside warning track because of the rain earlier. prior gets it to 2-0, one out. woody only has given up 48 walks this season. ball three on the pitcher prior. a kid eats a bite from a hot dog. one strike looking, one swinging, full count. williams will be out of the game at this pace in twenty minutes. prior fouls one back. then a long drive to right, caught, miller to third with two outs.

lofton up batting .330 since joining the cubs. two quick balls pitching around lofton? seven game hitting streak. 2-1. 3-1, strike over the middle, taking. full count one big hop to second base, rentaria fields it cleanly, throws lofton out at first. cards 0, cubs 0

fat nathan

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