top of the third

williams the pitcher leads off 1-1, sweeping curve over the outside corner, 1-2. nice sinker down the middle, ball is called, everyone moans, 2-2. woody fouls back the next pitch. rising fastball, long high drive to center, first out.

drizzle begins. vina and his red bat are up. first pitch taken for an outside corner strike. vina bats left handed. questionable ball, 1-1. curve taken inside, called strike. next pitched fouled off. inside corner looking, called strike three. of course it was a strike. sit down. two outs.

orlando palmerio goes quickly to 1-2. prior is allowed to blow on his hand on the mound. palmerio sends a single right past priors foot and over second base. single. third hit for the cardinals.

pujols the best hitter in baseball is up. curve strike. ends up 2-2. pujols has a well trimmed goatee. outside fastball squeaks past the outside corner to the right hand hitting pujols. low fastball at 96 mph catches pujols looking for a curveball, weak attempt at a swing, strike three. cards 0, cubs 0


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