bottom of the third

tony womack leads off 1-1. hanging curve over the middle, womack sends it to short center for a single.

sammy sosa is announced to great cheering from the 20k who stayed through to this far. the rain is getting a wee bit stronger. metheny goes to the mound. the speedy womack is at first remember. curve inside taken, strike one. outside fastball called a strike, it was a strike. outside strike swung at, swung through, sammy whiffs. one out.

alou up only batting .252 after the all star break. curve hit as a chopper to rolen at third who aims at second but the slippery ball comes out, rolen then throws to first but alou is safe.

karros high fly ball, back back. wind knocks it down, edmonds basket catch, for some reason womack isnt tagging up. first and second with two outs now.

ramirez with the same goatee as pujols. not trimmed as well. karros looks like an older charlie manson with his untrimmed beard. ramirez 2-1. pick off play at second, safe. outside curveball strike. land of good and plenty that outside corner. groundball to first, out. cubs leave two. cards 0 cubs 0


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