even with my two tuner

230 hour tivo i forgot to get dave interviewing madonna tonight.

i was busy listening to the new corvids cd that happened to fall off the back of a truck and typing sweet nothings into little hot boxes of honeys who dont really know me.

i saw a few things written about me today on the innernet and its really nice, but if people want to parody me they cant forget about the love i have for my friends. its sick.

a bunch of them make up the corvids, the new sound of rock.

start off with the rhythm sextion of tsar

then get layne and welch in there.

then let axel shred.

simple really.

its real music, america. its what wilco keeps shooting at but misses beautifully.

its what ryan adams would be if he was better lookin and not so sad.

its what tom petty would be if he didnt have so much money and all that pressure of writing another breakdown.

on one of the songs my girl jeanine sings way in the back. she co wrote it. shes so great.

its what the stones would be like if they werent a hundred and if they still hadnt found what they were looking for.

whats so fucking weird about this record is its so smooth it could be on the radio right now and youd never know that it was recorded over the matter of a few weeks, but thats what you get when youre super tight friends whove been making music together since before the cotton gin.

and axel

damnit man.

i played a few tsar songs for this girl the other night before i sent her on her way for being too cute.

and she was all shit tony!

and im guessing its cuz tsar understands the importance of guitar solos.

fortunately so do the corvids.

which is polish for rock hats.

it makes me want to shoot up with ronnie wood and just stare at keith nodding

it makes me want to start a music video channel and then become a video director

it makes me want to steal i mean find a few more of these off the back of that truck and give them away as gifts.

too bad christmas aint any time soon.

too bad theyre not for sale nowhere.

too bad nobody likes good music no more.

too bad this thing’s so damn good.

pre order the corvids “fought down” + layne + welch

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