theres very little to learn from soccer

a sport so dull and pointless that only the fans are worth watching.

a game thats far more interesting when children are playing.

an activity that donkeys can enjoy, with more interesting strategy.

but i do like this idea of pulling down ones pants if youre upset at your boss or the referee.

78. mist

today i had to kill a spider.

he was in my shower.

i dont like to kill anything, which is ironic because at the xbi we have to kill all the time, and now they want to give me a promotion.

i had to kill this spider because he was in my shower and he couldnt get his way out and he kept slipping and i was all, shit man, and i just pointed the water at him and he struggled, and tried to find shelter on a rubber duckey, but then he balled up and got stuck next to a piece of soap and then the current got him and down he went into the drain.

if i hadnt been running late for my ride in to work, i might have picked him up and tossed him into the garden, but as i say i was late for my ride.

so another mta bus strike casualty.


i dont like killing things because i believe that life is a miracle, and the spider doesnt know that its my house. nor do the flies or the ants or the moths or the antelopes.

so usually i open the door and shoo them away.

and usually they tip their caps and never return.

so today i feel so bad about this spider, so i told ben, who has been driving me to work and back, that i will dedicate this blog entry to my little 8-legged dead visitor.

and ben said that it was a good idea

since most spiders who get dead at the hands of a shower dont get any props.

farewell, lil guy.

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