I am in pretty good communication

with nearly all of my old girlfriends. I talk to my true love nearly every day. I talk to Ashley a little more than I’d like. I talk to Mary and Linda a bunch now which makes me happy. And all past negative issues with AJ are over and out now too, infact I think today is her 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday AJ!

One of them used to call me the baybay. i used to call her that too. she telephoned me last night to tell me about this trippy ass newage whatchamacallit Harmonic Concordance hoo-ha, that I as a devout Christian obviously scoff at.

But it inspired this email, which I asked if I could reprint, and she said yes, that in fact it might help her cause.

I have no idea why she would have these things in her list because she is a super cool, very smart, very talented, self-made woman who puts out and cooks like a dream.

But we all have our demons floating in our head, so if theres anything I can do to help her, I hope she remembers to ask.

Instead of putting up the picture of the star of david, I have chosen a photo of the Rolling Stones, biggest stars I know.

Next to her.


Hello the Baybay!! �

Like I was saying on the phone earlier, our Crazy Beautiful Magical Haitian Sex-Diva, a.k.a. Vilma from Florida, told us that there were certain things to do in order to more fully participate in the Universe�s HARMONIC CONCORDANCE which is kicking off right now, and will sort of crest over this next 24 hours.

One of the things she said to do was (before 5:00 pm! � I finished my list at just about that time, so, I hope it works!!)�to get a piece of paper and draw a big Star of David on it�(this refers to the fact that there are 6 �Heavenly Bodies� coming into a Sextile alignment for this next 24 hours�ostensibly forming the shape of the Star�those bodies being Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Charon (Pluto�s satellite) and�Venus maybe(??)�)

Ne way, you draw the Star of David and then under it, you make a list of all the negative and bad things you want to release from your life, so that you can be a better, happier Force of Love in the Universe!! This next few days is a very powerful time during which many Celestial forces are Aligning together as they each go along their own paths�illustrating the concept of the Collective Unconscious, or, if you prefer, GOD.

As in: we are ALL from GOD and GOD is all of us!! Yay!!

Well, here�s my list:

(picture Star of David here)


My sadness regarding my parents and their fears and lameness

My belief that I am not worthy of true, passionate, and devoted love

My dependence on drugs and alcohol

My fear of being alone

The void of sadness and misery

my acceptance of shitty relationships

my procrastination and �scatter-brained� ness

the habit of scattering my energies when I most need to be focused

my anger at humans

my anger at myself

my willingness to sacrifice myself and my happiness

my anti-social tendencies

my fear of not being loved

my frustration over not having what I want and deserve

my refusal to create what I want and deserve


and then it was 5:00 so I stopped. That�s plenty to work with for now anyway.

Oops�gotta run, see you Monday for sure if not sooner.


Love Me.

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