i saw duran duran play at the forum

new years eve, december nine teen ninety three. adam ant opened and the village people went on at around ten and then duran duran came on. me and jeanine had general admission floor access. it was great.

i remember this clearly because i’d just seen nirvana play there the night before. if you have the muddy banks, heart shaped box was that night.

kurt seemed super fragile that night. his arms were out like ozzy how when he walks.

but when he began a-rockin, all that robert johnson creepiness came out and threw that poor guys body all around and it was magical.

little did we know it in 93, but it was one of the last times nirvana would play in the us.

’93 was also about ten years too late to see duran duran, and here it is ten years after that and they decide to sneak in a comeback.

im old enough to remember a time when duran duran was the coolest thing there was.

when their music was on the radio, or playing in your car, everything you were doing was suddenly classy.

they made an unplugged record on mtv in 93, but they really should make another one cuz that one never got released really in the usa.

if i was letterman, id let them play on the show every night for a week.

if i was whoever their label is, id let tsar open for them. again.

im not a negative thinking man, but i would probably guess that it would be hard to be married and playing in duran duran. imagine the temptations.

the ladies get dressed up to see duran duran.

who the hell did i see the nirvana show with?

anyway, the band that you’d get if you merged duran duran and nirvana together, of course, would be tsar.

and they’re playing tonight.

amy has been showing us nyc through her cam phone + gweilo diaries + leah

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