karisa wants to come over with some hot chicks and get drunk with me

and then head out into some hollywood bars and guess what my answer is?

is the day before thanksgiving national be gay day? arent you gay by default if you dont want drunk hot girls to come over and watch “wild on…” and get drunker on the first night of four days off?

you know what it is. its work. i give everything at work. i wake up early. i dont take breaks. i eat at my desk. i walk fast everywhere. i fly fast everywhere. i answer the phone on the first ring. I dont use a signature on the bottom of my emails. i hustle. some people talk shit but those people are haters, but they tire me out too.

so when i get home i just want to soak in the hottub, drink my rum, watch the lakers and cruise the internet.

and these are wild girls. high energy. im pooped, i only have vodka, rum, amaretto, wine, and the high life, and i only have one couch. where will people sit?

welcome to my nightmare.

shit. i only have two wine glasses.

theres a minute left in the third period and they just took out karl malone and the audience applauded him because the lakers are up by 25 and he probably wont be playing any more tonight.

shaq isnt even in the house and theyre creaming the bullets, i mean wizards.

anti is my hero + evan ames teaches us that you cant get a tattoo in oklahoma + are you people aware that amy is taking great pictures almost every day of nyc + i downloaded firebird today because i read that the ward was using it + blook ii wont have pictures but if it did it would look like this + sublog doles some audblog shoutouts + every time bunnie posts the internet smiles + get well, mindy + raymi wrote eight very short sentences today and they were all better than any of mine, and yesterday she got naked for our asses

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