today is the day before thanksgiving

and here at the xbi it means Go Home at 2pm Day.

fun part is you have to do at least one thing really good if you want to leave at 2pm, so this morning some guy made breakfast for everyone. this one lady is giving everyone 10 minute massages, this one woman brought in brownies.

it’s quite festive.

hardly any gunplay.

if im lucky i will get to spend a romantic night tomorrow night with my truest. shes a little under the weather so i might just have to suprise her with a turkey dinner that i will order from the Pantry and bring over to her. might rent a car this week. might not do squat. might sit around in my foul stench and listen to todays sounds and think up tv commercials that wont ever air on tv.

this morning there were two firetrucks and an ambulance outside my cabana. anytime i see that i worry about my 89 year old landlady. i imagine she had a heart attack or something. i never know why the fire trucks need to be there. all it will be is a dead old lady in her old lady bed.

am i bad to wonder why shes hanging in there? the owner took her garage and didnt lower her rent. she drinks rubbing alcohol by the bottle. her sheets smell of wee.

i get her chocolates and she just melts them down cuz she cant chew.

how fucked up are things when you cant even chew chocolate.

sometimes i worry that the things i will write in here will get back to people, but im not worried about this getting back to her because no one talks to her cuz shes racist and wants to be a scientologist, but i do cuz she cracks me up.

shes afraid the owner will kick her out if she complains.

i tell her if the owner kicks her out he will be exposed on tv and become very embarrassed.

shes lived where shes lived for 45 years.

i hope she didnt die last night.

in her sleep.

with her cat waiting for the kibbles n bits to get poured into a bowl that says Dusty.

an excerpt from blook ii

see thru skin + low culture + sk smith

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