austin kearns pinch hits for lidle

who pitched pretty well but is on the hook for the loss if the cubs hold this lead.

wood gets him in the hole 1-2 before he knows it.

gets caught looking at strike three thats six k’s for kerry.

jiminez jumps out of the way of ball two.

drink, and do it in style, old style.

looks at the first strike, two and one and now two and two.

this game is going so fast youd think someone had a date tonight they want to get ready for.

full count on a close pitch.

jiminez fouls off the 100th pitch by wood. then fouls off 101. wood can pitch 125 no problem. but walks jiminez, who can run with all star barry larkin now up and griffey on deck.

i think wood likes these situations. he rubs the ball drink and gets ahead quickly oh and two.

47,607 fans in the park including john cusak my mom calls to tell me.

she bet my brother in law that i wasnt watching the game.

i told her to look at the world famous busblog.

foul ball, its 1-2. wood breaths into his fist, wood throws it past barrett. wild pitch. steve stone calls it a passed ball but hes a pitcher. whattya expect. get it near the plate, stoney, if you want a wild pitch. grounder to wood throws to first runner advances. but two outs

for mr ken griffey junior who is greeted with boos.

all star hall of famer vs all star hall of famer probably. griffey jr vs wood. ball and a strike. drink.

griffey doesnt look like hes aged a day. remember when his rookie card was worth everything.

ball two, drink, two and one.

i guess his rookie isnt so bad, its going for $71 with six hours left in the auction.

wanna know what to pay? ask ebay. ebay auctions.

line drive to left. diving catch by alou. its a snowcone, alou lifts his mitt with the ball poking out the top and the ump calls it an out.

everyone cheers but it sounds like boos thats moises alou for your asses and we go to the bottom of the eighth.

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