bottom of the eighth.

this is great.

2-1 cubs. which rhymes with lubs and i lubs that chili at chili’s

corey patterson grounds it to second off the new pitcher, wagner.

sammy sosa strides to the plate with cheers around him.

sammy gets a called strike. stike one.

next ball drink is outside. one and one.

sammy fouls the next one back. one and two. sammy looks fit, fine. remember he started last year with a foot problem. healthy as a horse this year. close one but a ball drink. two and one.

sammy pops it high thats two outs, the kids boo but its not boing its bruce springsteen at the game.

maybe they are booing after those last few records.

the ghost of tom joad?

one and one to alou. 93 mile an hour sinker gets away in the dirt. two and one.

low ball drink three and one. three and one equals four. stay in school kids.

check swing grounder to first sends us to the ninth.

damn this is faster than the patriot act zipping through congress unread.

we’ll be back after this.

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