larkin griffey and casey due up in the top of the fourth.

hi, this is satan asking for your soul. ninth caller gets a free trip to hell, expenses paid, food and beverage. just kidding this is your pal tone bringing you todays cubs game for all the men and women and all ships at sea.

its windy today at wrigley field and its sunny and kerry wood is on the mound and barry larkin is what a hundred years old. but he looks great. fit trim but grounds it to short and nearly beats it out. maybe hes just ninety.

youve gotta love that griffey is not only back but hitting well. the cubs have their shortstop behind second, todd walker is in the hole and air uh miss is at short basically. he could but but he doesnt. wood strikes him out on a spinny slider.

two outs for the reds.

casey at bat. sean casey has the black under his eye and cant hold up on strike one. he twitches and touches his helmet and has a routine that includes lifting his back leg up like a horse and planting it down. looks at strike two which rhymes with blue. selson blue shampoo and conditioner is on sale at walgreens. selson blue.

wood gets casey to oh and two. and then hits casey on the toe. hes awarded first base.

adam dunn digs in with his four homers already this season. he can hit.

so we’re at two outs with casey at first and dunn down two balls and a strike. wood is whipping out the change ups and theyre deadly. two and two to dunn who watches the count fill.

the crowd claps.

inside curve way inside. wood walks dunn which isnt so bad cuz here comes freel.

kerry wood struggling a little bit here cub fans. two outs into the fourth and kerry has already thrown 59 pitches to 14 batters. but he wears number 34 and thats sweetness.

selson blue is at walgreens. dont forget that. on sale.

kerry wood takes freel 1-2 the crowd is warming up. looking for the kills. strike three called over the outside corner. no score at wrigley going to the bottom of the fourth.

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