todays shout shoutout goes to rapper lil kim

who is being accused of lying to a grand jury investigating of a 2001 shootout outside a manhattan radio station. when messy stains got you down, dont pout, shout it out.

shes the queen bee you know.

kerry wood holds his shit brown glove in front his face and looks in at michael barrett. his name is pronounced willie. but its spelled wily. wily mo pena stands in there against kerry wood who once struck out 20 houston astros. in four games wily mo has two hits in six at bats and one of those hits was a two run homer. he’s big. no, wily.

oh and two and wily sends a pop foul to right, it drifts out of play but not before derrek lee bangs against the brick right field wall. wily fouls another one back. in seven at bats against wood, wily has wiffed five times. now it’s six. second strike out for kerry today.

pitcher cory lidle up nobody on shit drives it deep and long to the far right field corner for a double.

d’angelo jimeniz pronounced him in ez takes wood two and two. i had the combo number 17 today at jack in the box. the ultimate croissant, egg, bacon cheese mayo.

jimenez line shot up the middle gonzales snatches it in the air flips it to bro at second double play. and just like that the cubs are up.

thats your shout shoutout-standout.

kerry wood leads off the cubs half of the third. one of the best hitting pitchers in the game perhaps due to his big ass. first pitch pops up to wily mo pena. and i still say that sounds like a name for a little kid.

cubs second bagger todd walker formerly of the rockies is batting 370 in the first two weeks of the season fists one foul almost hits the line and the count is one and two. lidle really isnt that good of a pitcher. this shouldnt be that hard for the cubs and their home grown wood. walker gets foold and grounds it back to lidle who throws it over to first two outs.

thats one three if youre scoring at home and if you are think of her needs too.

corey patterson quickly down with a ground out to first and thats it for the cubs in the third.

lil kim we love you baby.

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