sean casey knocks the crap out of it.

drives it to the wall in left center. yesterday that would have hit a building across the street. today its a flyout.

adam dunn pulls it hard down the first base line. derrick lee knocks it down but never gets it. infield hit.

ryan freel with one out. michael barrett cant handle a pitch off the lip of the plate it gets past him and goes to the backstop. runner advances.

it is windy but its blowing in. curve strike brings the count to 2-2.

its sunny.

uh ram iz gets the grounder looks at dunn go back to second and throws freel out at first. two outs.

jason la rue is batting 150 so far and quickly has two strikes on him. pitcher on deck. 86 mph slider inside he whiffs. game still tied going to the cubs half of the second.

derrek lee pops it up to griffey in center. how nice is it to see griffey in center. cory lidle is on the mound for the reds.

michael barrett is in the hole oh and two. i got laid last night and this morning. after we went to jack in the box and i realize that i eat a lot of fast food when someone has a car around. barrett fouls one off and then looks at ball one. hot chick. theyre all hot. this one particularilly. we listened to vu live sixty nine grounder to larkin.

alex gonzales first swing shot to freel at third. quick inning for the cubs. no score.

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