people are talking about moveable type

when they should be talking about how for every good mt blog theres a blogspot blog that kicks its ass.

so smart and yet forget that it starts with the writing.

and it ends with the writing.

you can have andrew sullivan and his lies about how much money he makes off his blog.

i’ll take meesh or kate or bunnie

if youre an artist, fine, use moveable type, youre selling design.

but if you cant keep it real on the internet

of all places…

i say no one should be allowed to even consider switching off from blogger unless your blogger blog totally kicks ass

for a year.

in the meantime try to write as well as zulieka or bunny or anti

or amy

or alecia

or franklin ave.

if you want design, do what steve smith did and try a new blogger skin.

see how nice kimbalina‘s is?

the bored housewife’s has always looked nice

jaime‘s has always been simple and pure and great.

you know how useless moveable type is? four of my favorite writers are on diaryland


sk smith + kitty bukkake + and the currently not safe for work xtracyx

and besides, raymi is better than all the fucking moveable type blogs all put together.

george must go + virginia + dirty fez + steph