today is big tanky’s birthday.

so you think they would have given me a break in my yearly performance review but they didnt.

if there are any prospective employers out there who are considering hiring me, know that there is a lot of stuff that i could write about the hour that i just spent

funny things

sad things

incredibly curious things that would have you scratching your head thinking, “why on earth does pierce put up with that?”

things that made me seriously consider crying tonight,

despite getting my annual $300 raise.

no, the xbi isnt for everyone, and it really isnt for me any more. and even though it could be huge blog fodder full of interesting characters, fascinating situations, and deep deep insights into hollywood i will not be typing about it.


because i think that there is something to be said about pissing where you eat. not that im afraid that i will lose my job. “losing” this job would be the best thing that could happen to me at this point of my life. tantamount to losing a tumor. losing a tapeworm. losing 20 pounds.

call it idealism but i think that what is done and said in the privacy of a closed door meeting should be kept private for the benefit of all parties.

unless of course the screenplay could be sold for millions.

which this one could.

especially if i wrote it.

which of course i could.

cuz its funny and bizarre and twisted and real and probably what lots of you go through every day.

but today isnt bitch about the xbi day.

today is celebrate big tanky’s birthday day.

which im fixin to do with this hot cuban girl reading peacefully on my black leather couch.

and in the morning i will do something i havent done in three years.

i will go to the corner, get a paper

and go straight to the classifieds.

and start living up to my potential.

at the ripe old age

of 110.

happy birthday big tanky, i hope today finds you happy, healthy, and drunk.

atrios linked my thing about the instapundit after brian linse did, and i thank them both.

people write in to my gmail address and they ask me things like

if i hate america so much why dont i move to canada.

it makes me wonder why only idiots have my gmail address.

for the rest of you its busblog at gmail dot com.

but they do have a good point. canada has basically legalized weed, theres free medical, and i assume free dental. they dont run around blowing people up who they are trying to “liberate”. and they’re close enough to america that if you need to see a concert you can just make a little road trip.

unfortunately for my detractors, i was born here. infact i was born in the nations capital.

i grew up in the midwest and ive lived in california for my entire adulthood.

as an african-american, my “people” have been here for around 400 years.

if anyone should move away, which is rarely the solution, it shouldnt be me.

plus i dont want to have to learn a foreign language.

although i wouldnt mind having raymi as a neighbor.

i got a very nice comment from a canadian who said that he wanted to write something about the current american political situation but he didnt feel that it was his place.

my neighbors to the north, consider this an open invitation: any time you want to add to the discussion about how you feel about whats happening in the world, particularilly whats happening in america or america’s influence on the world, feel free.

although you people arent blessed with the same freedom of speech that we are granted, pretend that you can say anything. consider this blog a small portion of america and as a guest here you are entitled, nay, requested, to throw in your two cents.

or pesos.

or whatever you people up there use for money.

if anything you are a better judge of whats happening since you’re not biased.

canada’s fucked no matter which president steals the next election. just look what america has done to the health of pam, michael j., and tom green.

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