chris and i saw the lakers play to hundreds

chris and i have been going to laker games for as long as staples center has been around which is nearly 20 years now.

hes been a season ticket holder but last year he was unable to see the playoffs and finals bc all the teams were in the bubble.

this is the first game he has been able to see because its been very limited seating

but he really wanted to go tonight to see them raise the banner to honor their 17th championship

so instead of buying tix super close to the court he bought a pair really high up in the sky so we would be right under the new banner

and there it is.

the Laker girls were up there too to say hi and we are polite so we said hi back

this is what the stadium looked like a few minutes before the ceremony. they say 20% capacity but id say even at its most crowded it was like 10%.

there were people around us a little because everyone wanted to take a pic with the new banner but you could hear the laker girls clap it was so quiet

another thing: you couldnt eat or drink in your seats you could only do it right by where you ordered your food. so that was weird. but fine. it made you chug your beers of which i had two.

they tasted delicious. perhaps because i hardly even drink beer any more?

saw a man who bought shoes where the left was gold and the right was purple.

i asked Chris why he didnt just buy two pairs and he said he didnt know

lakers won a close one.

thanks for the tix, Chris!

what do i want to do


amber came home today and was all, lets walk

we walked and walked and

ate and ate and

drank so much water

i was like lets take the bus home

she said lets walk and walk and

walk and walk

shes now snoring and snoring im on the couch

cat’s on his back with his paws up

half asleep and who isnt

its 145am super bowl sunday

might as well.

chris and dave and i saw the lakers last night

puigsuper fun

had to use the jedi mind trick on a security guard which was pretty amazing

no, we dont need to show you our tickets

all is fine

you will let us sit there

and afterwards you will say have a great night.

took a Lyft back from the game to the crib.



im not saying it should be $20

but it should be closer to $15.


i tipped the dude $5 but still.

my beer cost more than that.

yasiel puig was at the game, rodman, floyd money mayweather.

everyone wants to see Kobe’s last games, but Kobe was hurt and didnt play. they put a picture of him up on the scoreboard and everyone cheered.

it was a good game. came down to the last second. Dirk Nowitzski, who should also retire soon, made a last second shot.

i had the best chicken mcnuggets as we watched the game.

i know theyre made of boots and diarrhea, but dat hot mustard.

theres few things i like more than taking pictures.

here are some of my faves from 2010

toronto, canada, jan 2
in the wake of the failed underwear bomber “enhanced security” was mandatory for international flights going into the usa. here a child speaks for all of us.

hollywood, jan 9
while eating a mcrib in the FoodsCo parking lot on Sunset i wonder why these seagulls prefer that lot when mccarthur park’s lake is only a few miles away. and of course theres also the ocean.

red line, vermont and sunset, jan 16
taggers are the poets of this city

la times cover, jan 20
you have no idea how much i love this paper

hollywood blvd, jan 22
elmo thinks hes undercover when he wears his ron artest jersey, but we see you g

la times, jan 26
tsar makes a triumphant return during a live show in the basement of the alamo

santa monica, jan 28
whenever the lakers win the sky gets purple and rooms for locals are half price

todays my buddy Chris’ birthday. hes 79

we met in the dorms of San Nic at UCSB way back in the day and we’ve both turned our lives over to the Lord and because of that our paths have been lined with beauty and joy.

we went to finals together last year thanks to the fact that Chris is a season ticket holder.

in fact, chris and i went to the first Laker game Ever at Staples, and we had schweet seats.

chris and jesus rob invented Thirsty Thursday back in Isla Vista and because of that we met many friends and randoms. fortunately we met young ladies as well. because when you have a keg and you brought a buck and yr own cup, how can you not make friends?

ah yes those were the days, but probably the most fun i had with Chris back then was skateboarding to class together, we are both college of creative studies grads, writing poetry all night, and then reading them the next day to the enjoyment of our class.

im sure anyone who saw us then would not think that chris would turn out to be a genius digital video forefather, whose work has been in every Tony Hawk skateboard game since the first one. and no one would ever think that id be an xbi chopper pilot.

despite his drinking, smoking, etc, my question is, how did chris get to keep his great hair?

happy birthday g

Kareem’s blog on the LAT

has been up for less than a week. there are already over 50 mentions in the blogosphere. these are some of my faves:

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write down the things in life that you want

well before i got this dream job at the Times, i used to “write to” my local paper in this very blog. i used to say that they should hire me and welch, i used to say that they should have blogs, i used to say that they should utilize the fact that they were this huge respected paper in LA therefore why not let the celebs write about their lives in first person.

because im not (that) insane, i never really thought that all of those things would come true, let alone come true pretty quickly. but thus is the miracle of life.

steven tyler of aerosmith talks about affirmations, and even though you probably should listen to old rockers who still have it, im not sure i believe wholly in the magical power of such things… but i do believe that if you really want things you should write them down, mostly because if you dont even have the guts to enunciate them then you probably dont even believe in them yourself. and you are the start of any magic trick.

super bowl friday i was late to work. because i have the best boss in the universe there really isnt such a concept. she wants me to feel comfortable so she told me to come in whenever, leave whenever, just produce and create and manage the best blogs ever. therefore i usually get in around 10am-11am, and usually go home between 8p-9p. that doesnt mean i dont have phones ringing in the early morn or emails going back n forth in the wee hours, but this is a love more than a job. so whatevs… to the max.

anyways two fridays ago my mom was nagging me to go to the post office to pick up a package she sent. every day she kept asking if i had picked it up or reminded me that it was there so even though i was running a tad late i went, murphys law i got in a long line, but got the gift. thanx ma!

rolled into the office around 11 (embarrassed) and started going thru the emails. about 20 minutes in i see an email chain from the sports editor and my boss about the fact that kareem abdul jabbar was interested in writing every day for us. the emails started at 9am.

now most bosses would have called me frantically as soon as the talks started and screamed “why the hell arent you here yet!” but not mine. she totally has a gazillion plates spinning, as i do, and she omg trusted that i would handle this project that was clearly my responsibility. trust professionalism and honest communication. do you see why i love this woman?

so i contacted kareems manager, deborah morales, and we chatted for a few minutes, we agreed to meet on the monday after the super bowl at the times, and sure enough there was kareem on monday afternoon.

now over the super bowl weekend i picked up kareems latest book, on the shoulders of giants, which is a history of harlem during the harlem renaissance. totally fascinating, totally well written book. his sixth! in it he talked about jazz, and real estate politics, and race and culture, and, well, america. but in it he also talked about how he was once Lew Alcindor and how he is now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – that he had transformed. but what caught my eye the most was how he proclaimed that he was once a basketball player and now he is a writer.

i asked him about that line when we met and he confirmed it and i said, well theres no better place for a writer than behind a computer blogging every day. and with that me and isabel and josh (both pictured) began to show him how to blog. it was an extremely interesting afternoon where we talked about jazz and sports and politics and history and writing, among other things.

it was plainly obvious that this great man, one of my childhood heroes, was just as well rounded in real life as he came across in his book, so i recommended that if all he wanted to write about some weeks was jazz, then he should write about jazz, same for politics, same for.. football if he wanted. and since we were all still in the glow of that great superbowl, our first blog post was about how much he loved the super bowl and how his famous basketball number was inspired by his childhood hero who was the blocking back for the ny football giants back in the day. like many of my friends hear me say, i told kareem “write it down!”

and unlike you and i, after he wrote it down, he just happened to have a photo of himself with the manning brothers. it was then that i knew that this would be a very very special blog.

when it launched yesterday i was relieved, amazed, proud, but mostly thrilled that this great man was starting something that very few celebrities and/or athletes do: tell their tales on the daily in public without a net. this is a man who has met pretty much everyone you can imagine. he has had unprecedented successes (after his freshman year at UCLA he never lost a game in college). and as a pro he scored more points than everyone, yes even more than jordan.

he has full license to write about anything that he wants, in any way. it’s a real blog, it just happens to be under a famous newspaper’s masthead. im pretty sure nothing like this has ever happened before – a hall of famer writing about a wide variety of topics, not just sports. which should make this fascinating for anyone.

so yeah, start writing down your dreams, and write down what you expect to do when they come true… because they just may.

im realizing that im a bad loser.

mom to be the refs the refs. the fouls. the lack of fouls.

i know in my heart i should be respectful of ben wallaces uncanny knack for the loose ball. going up against a man twice his size and three times his weight.

i know i should feel good for larry brown who had to suffer the ignomy of the handful that ai must have been in philly.

but still i think to myself what would have this series been like if it was the pistons who had to walk on eggshells every time they went up to block a shot or drive the lane.

and i know that kobe proved how much different he is than michael jordan. jordan would have averaged 40 points and figured out a way to make a star out of someone else in the meantime.

but all kobe could do was force everything. all he could do was fumble and brick and remain frustrated by the seamingly perfect motown defence.

i want to give detroit their props but i cant.

those werent the four mvps that i was sold at the begining of this season.

where was the mailman?

where was the pick n roll?

what happened to dumping it into shaq?

and gp from oaktown, seemingly so perfect for this hollywood dreamteam, but never was he right for this team

the glove did not fit.

and since the glove didnt fit, it looks like everyones gonna quit.

phil hinted to it during the postgame, saying that his kids wanna hear him retire.

shaq hinted to it saying that he might leave even though he still has a year left on his contract.

only guy saying he wanted to stay was kobe who needs shaq so badly but simply cant take over a game the way mj did because for shaq to dominate like he can kobe has to give up the rock.

jordan never had that connundrum.

and poor shaq, he cant take over the play in the paint until someone passes the ball to him. no man is an island, but it must have felt that way for the big aristotle down on the low post, so close, yet without the ball, so far.

and i should be happy for the hapless city of detroit.

home of michael moore, kid rock, and eminem.

who for some reason dont want to ever leave.

and out of pity i do feel happy for the city of detroit.

because im a bad loser.

and if i was dr jerry buss i would sign ‘n’ trade kobe to orlando for tmac and grant hill because i bet you mcgrady could learn to feed the big fella.

and id try to figure out how to get antwan jamison from the mavs

because theres no rebuilding in lakerland.

thats what the clippers are for.

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