amy acuff is not only hot

but she can jump really high.

currently one of the top high jumpers in the world, she is also one of the flashiest.

back in ’99 instead of wearing the typical spandex outfit, amy sported a gray, furry tube top and black briefs trimmed with faux-fur.

the 6’2″ texan got her BS in Biology at UCLA, and now finds herself on her third US olympic team aiming at winning olympic gold for the first time in her career.

not since the 1988 Seoul Games when Louise Ritter did it, has a US woman won gold in the high jump, which is odd since in ’93 acuff was awarded the national High School Athlete of the Year in track and field during her senior year.

america expected more from her than four measly US outdoor championships (’95, ’97, ’01, ’03).

all we care about is gold, which seemed out of reach when amy got in a car accident right before the olympic trials in 2000 – but she still made the team after a dramatic jump-off.

thank god she made that team though, as you might remember the controversy of April 1999, when acuff, a Cancer, gathered 11 other female track athletes for a hollywood photographer where they posed nude or in body paint for the Omni Lite Millennium Calendar.

when not jumping 6 feet, 4 3/4 inches on average, or making high jumping DVDs amy studies Oriental Medicine in Austin where she hopes to be a doctor of oriental medicine.

if she does bring home the gold, dont look for her parents in the stands. because of security fears, acuff, a distant relative of country singer Roy Acuff, has asked her folks to stay at home.

Amy Acuff is sponsored by Asics and has been seen modeling in Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, & Vogue.

but sorry fellas, amy is engaged to pole vaulter Tye Harvey, the 2001 World Indoor silver medalist.

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