the dentist got me out of bed today.

remind me not to arrange for three dentist appointments spread out over three days of vacation next time.

in fact remind me to go somewhere exotic with a girl in a pink bikini like italy or memphis or somewhere interesting.

she gassed me, took some long needles and shot me up, and then went at it with a jackhammer. shes quite good. i never feel a thing.

afterwards i just started walking through beverly hills and west hollywood.

made it all the way to the fabulous sunset strip and still kept walking.

walked into the virgin megastore which is funny because i never thought i would ever allow myself to buy anything from a megastore of anything other than if there was really truly a place called xXxmeGAStorexXx and i got the new benny hill dvd.

fucking love benny hill.

people think it was bukowski that got me into poetry. well before bukowski i was into poetry but during a very important period of my life, my early teens, they started broadcasting benny hill on the public broadcasting station in chicago.

wttw channel eleven. they showed us benny, dave allen, monty python, dr. who, and “image union”, most of those on sunday nights. prime time for anyone procrastinating homework.

limericks arent easy but benny hill was the master at them.

after i do a few things around the house, expect a review of the triple dvd edition that i just picked up for $40 out the door.

yes miss montreal called me psychicaly as i walked near her home even though she has a boyfriend youd think she would be thinking about instead of me. who hasnt gotten any since anna kornikova flew home to russia for a summer visit.

yes ashley will be on the front of my web site again very soon.

yes the cubs swept the brewers and now prepare to do the same to the houston astros who come hobbling into wrigley field.

yes i can get used to this sit at home most of the day in cut off pajama bottoms drinking beer and listening to weezer covers with all the lights off at three am ignoring the booty call ringing on my cell because somethings are way more trouble than theyre worth.

yes ken layne has returned just in time for the landslide.

yes, the president is afraid of a one armed no legged man.

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