instapundit was doing so good.

old style beer six pack he was even pointing to some of the pictures from the 150,000+ rnc protest yesterday in new york city.

but then today he had to go and link drudge.

of course he did his best not to link drudge directly because that would look, well, slimy. since drudge is slimy and often wrong.

and a towelboy of the right.

the bathroom wall of the conservatives.

the only right-winger who somehow continues to fail at radio despite the fact that we live in this right-wing centric media world where if you are pro-bush and can state your name you can have a radio show.

so today Drudge said that he had clips of the Kerry daughters getting booed at the MTV Video Awards last night.

so of course one of Instapundit’s dittoheads emailed him, probably, and glenn went to drudge’s take and got lucky that the venerable World Net Daily picked it up, so he linked to them, the same website that at the bottom of the MTV article under “related offers” links the swift boaters.

nice source, blogfather.

truth of the matter is the Kerry girls weren’t getting booed. the Bush daughters were getting booed. if you watch the video that glenn links to you can clearly see the audience being very cordial to the girls until MTV inadvertantly showed a feed on a screen above the kerrys of the bush twins.

That’s what caused the booing.

That’s why you see Alexadra Kerry turn around to the screen.

That’s why you dont hear the crowd AT ALL when the Bush daughters said their two lines. Cuz MTV turned down the audio from the crowd because it was a chorus of boos.

which is ironic since the drunken bush girls party harder than many of the rockstars who won awards last night.

whats not only sad that prof. reynolds fell for the drudge mis-reporting of the “booing” but CNN fell for it too.

30,000 people at the American Airlines Arena in Miami last night and nobody who was there could tell you who the kids were booing?

anyway, one day the instapundit will get back to talking about the issues outside of the mtv cheers/boos, outside of linking drudge, and back to writing about the deficit, the economy, the wars we’re still fighting in iraq & afghanistan, the president’s missing records, the missing osama bin ladin, the missing wmd, and of course Riggs Bank.

mtv and drudge are so juicy though, i can see why he would be distracted.

the beastie’s showed their true colors + i want to find leah a better gig

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