the week in rock in la

this week’s listings are dedicated to Mark O’Brien (Brando from Seven Inches of Sense) who was killed in a car accident on Wednesday.

mark’s son burke was featured on ABC’s NYPD 24/7 after he was murdered last year.


epmd, henry fonda

B-52s, vault 360

the damned, house of blues

thorn, roxy

tomorrow 8/14

matt sharp, knitting factory

j mascis + built to spill, el rey

the corrs + sophie b hawkins, kodak theatre

michael penn, largo

sunday 8/15

pj harvey, henry fonda

chris isaak, santa barbara bowl

gene loves jezebel, malibu inn

steel pulse, roxy

monday 8/16

pj harvey, knitting factory

tanya donelly, largo

tuesday 8/17

earth wind & fire + chicago, greek

rilo kiley, amoeba (free)

liz phair + the cardigans, house of blues

goovy rednecks, the joint

wednesday 8/18

john waite, the grove (free)

they might be giants, house of blues

nine inch chili pumpkins, the joint

thursday 8/19

the donnas (pictured), the echo

billy vera, santa monica pier (free)

carole king, greek

the truth blog + the ward + oliver willis

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