not the girl in front of me, but the guy in front of her

says to s.e. hinton, “you and mark twain got me interested in writing.”

now as you can see in this picture, im the biggest dork in america.

probably the world.

but when he said that i thought to myself, damn straight.

although when i was up there i couldnt even look at her in the eyes. i didnt watch her autograph my books. i dont even know what i was looking at.

completely starstruck like i havent been in quite some while.

i said to her, like that man said, you also inspired me to write, but i would say it was you and jd salinger.

and i asked her a lot of things, my friends.

for if you dont own your dorkiness, you will never be able to revel in the dorky rewards, like asking crazy questions to your first favorite author

a woman who while flunking out of her junior year high school creative writing class, busts with the beginings of The Outsiders, finishes it at 16, and gets published at 17

all while never leaving tulsa, oklahoma.

then reels off three more novels (that was then, this is now; rumble fish; tex) so good that they all get made into movies, two of which were directed by francis ford coppola who asked her advice while they filmed the movies.

this was the cast of The Outsiders:

Dallas Winston – Matt Dillon

Johnny Cade – Ralph Macchio

Ponyboy Curtis – C. Thomas Howell

Darrel Curtis – Patrick Swayze

Sodapop Curtis – Rob Lowe

Two-Bit Mathews – Emilio Estevez

Steve Randle – Tom Cruise

Cherry Valance – Diane Lane

Bob Sheldon – Leif Garrett

this was the cast of Rumble Fish

Rusty-James – Matt Dillon

Motorcycle Boy – Mickey Rourke

Patty – Diane Lane

Father – Dennis Hopper

Steve – Vincent Spano

Smokey – Nicolas Cage

B.J. – Christopher Penn

Benny – Tom Waits

when i got there i overheard her conversation with the book store manager.

mgr: do you have any questions before we begin?

se: do i have to read?

mgr: not if you don’t want to.

se: i would like to talk.

mgr: great, then talk.

se: oh you’ll have to shut me up. i can talk all night.

she was so nice. maybe thirty people in attendence, with a generous dose of school kids from 10yrs old to high school. parents with their kids. a few random creepy dudes like me.

and then the girl in front of me.

she was a nice asian girl who was talking to the guy ahead of me until she turned around and asked me out of the blue, “when did you read the outsiders?”

nobody, by the way, cared too much about ms. hinton’s new book, hawkes something, which is probably a perfectly good book, but the topic tonight was The Outsiders, which got so much attention i sort of felt sorry for her, but i think she understood, she answered all the questions happilly, like someone who finally wanted to set the record straight.

i told the girl, i dont know, when i was in junior high. so like 13, 14? and then i asked, how about you?

and she said smiling so brightly, yes, me too. last year.

her dad was in the next aisle staking out a good spot to take a picture of his daughter with the famous author.

he had gone to the shelves and retreived every book se had written except for the two childrens books.

and when the young girl approached the table she giggled nervously and said, sorry, and nudged the healthy stack and se geniunely said, no problem, and even signed the computer printout of the original Outsiders movie poster.

the month of libra swooped in on all of us. peace and love was in the air and i couldnt stop stuttering or smiling or beaming.

and i have studied twain.

i took two semesters at santa monica college, one at ucsb arts n lectures, and one at ucsb college of creative studies.

in my life, this woman was definately on par with twain, as far as influence. because it was her books that gave me something to identify with that no other book before it ever did.

in her q & a she talked about how she starts with the characters first. like, no brainer. like that one of her characters in her new book is a gemini on the capricorn cusp

“he likes to travel, but once he gets to where he loves, he will stay.”

one kid asked her if she liked a particular web site where people can write sequels or prequels or short stories based around their favorite books

and se lit up and knew about the web site, said she loved it, and said how great it was that the outsiders had over 900 different stories posted on that site.

the kids said, is it true that this one character from this one novel makes an appearance in this other novel, but with a different name?

and she said yes, and gave the names.

and another kid said why did you have that other character from the one novel get in that other novel.

and she said, she wanted people to know that it was all taking place in the same town, so she gave him “a walk on.”

seriously prepared kids. i was impressed.

and when i got home i was so on top of the world that i sang a little song for a dirty girl across town.

which reminds me of the best part of the whole night.

se hinton raised up her new book, and said, this is not a kids book. if you’re a kid i want your parents to read it first. i dont need any trouble.

and when i was able to ask her one final question i said

do you do these things very often?

and she said, hardly ever.

and i said, well thank you so much for doing it tonight.

but i did not shake her hand, which was the only thing i wanted to do

i wanted to touch a real writers hands.

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dumb_me: hi rockr

karisa: tony!

karisa: did you have a nice evening?

dumb_me: i think so

dumb_me: that was so long ago

karisa: haha- yes it was!

karisa: i had a funny evening!

dumb_me: how so?

karisa: well my roomie called me and she had 2 tickets to some ‘women rock’ show.

karisa: we didn’t know who was in it- but we went anyway.

karisa: at the wiltern.

dumb_me: damn!

dumb_me: i passed that yesterday

karisa: it ended up being blondie, kelly clarkson, en vogue & shirley manson.

karisa: with vivica a. fox as the mc

dumb_me: yes!

karisa: no!

karisa: blondie was so bad.

dumb_me: no!

karisa: she looked like hilary clinton from where we were sitting- but in a really trashy outfit.

karisa: it was for a taping- so it was slow & boring.

karisa: and it was SO hot in there!

karisa: it was funny all around though.

dumb_me: how was en vogue?

dumb_me: do they still got it?

karisa: there were only 3 of them- but yes, they do!

dumb_me: was kelly clarkson any good?

karisa: she is a good singer.

dumb_me: was it hot in there cuz of all the lights?

karisa: last time i was there it was insanely hot too.

dumb_me: it wasnt super hot when we saw zwan

dumb_me: i wonder what the deal is.

dumb_me: clearchannel owns the wiltern, maybe theyre being stingy with the a/c

karisa: last time i went it was hot too.

karisa: over 1/2 the audience left b/c it was so hot up there.

dumb_me: what show was that for?

dumb_me: flogging molly?

karisa: dropkick murphy’s.

karisa: floggin molly is playing next month though.

dumb_me: was vivica foxy?

karisa: well i saw her in the press line when i was walking in and he had SO much make-up on- but she was hosting a television special, so i am sure that was why.

karisa: she did a great job hosting though and changed her outfits a lot.

karisa: i was praying blondie would follow her lead.

karisa: no such luck.

dumb_me: was shirley manson good?

dumb_me: did she do any cover tunes?

karisa: i only saw her do a duet w/blondie- like i said- i didn’t stay for the whole thing.

karisa: she looked good though- she looked like a rail next to blondie- and she looked about 20 from where i was sitting.

karisa: poor blondie.

karisa: she dances like someone’s mother too.

dumb_me: yikes

karisa: she should just rock-out w/a microphone stand.

karisa: i feel bad talking shit- b/c i loved blondie.

karisa: but whoa.

october is breast cancer awareness month + WomenRock + breast cancer research foundation

a suprisingly large amount of young people read the busblog

and because of that i sometimes feel a bit of responsibility to point out potholes in the road of life that ive occassionally fallen into, and i would like to prevent any of them from making the same mistakes.

todays lesson is from the book of Loyalty.

a long long time ago there was a guy named Johnny Carson. he was so much the king of late night that no one even dared compete against him. yes there were clowns who came and went named arsenio and chevy but today history looks back at them as the talentless schmoes that they were then.

similarily history looks at Johnny as a guy with class, style, and a brand of dry humor that entertained america for 31 years on the Tonight Show.

Carson’s only flaw was in being paranoid that if David Letterman took over the show that everyone would forget about those 31 years.

Letterman was good, but he wasn’t going to make people forget about Johnny. But LA, i can tell you first hand, egos are everything. pettiness and fear run the entertainment biz.

and if johnny didnt want letterman to have his dream job, even from retirement johnny’s influence would be enough to prevent dave from his dream job. why? because people can suck sometimes.

only thing worse than johnny c-blocking dave is jay leno swooping in and taking the job.

and that is because dave had jay on the late show 40 times when jay was a nobody. dave and jay were friends and dave was doing everything he could to help out his buddy.

when jay saw his chance at getting the tonight show, a real man, a real friend, would have said no. a man with a conscious or an ounce of goodness in him would have said, “i cant fuck over the guy who put me on national tv 40 times.”

but jay leno is a selfish, talentless opportunist, solely interested in his own future. disloyal and disrespectful to the one man who deserves the tonight show and who earned it.

leno has had 12 long years to right this wrong in a gentlemanly manner. of course it would involve humility, creativity, respect and trust; traits that he’s never shown dave in the past, so it’s no surprise he hasnt shown them recently.

what jay should have done was step down 8-9 years ago after he had already made a name for himself. like a man. like a good man. he could have worked out a deal with dave to get a producer title and a cut of the show. he could have gotten a development deal for a different show, and hit the road doing the 150 stand up dates that he currently does and retained his status as a millionaire

but nobody would be calling him an unwatchable unfunny selfish scumbag disloyal to the man who helped him rise from mediocraty.

by announcing that he’s going to hold on to his painfully unoriginal show for 5 more years and then hand it over to conan is the final kick in daves pants, and not really all that cool to conan.

wtf has jay done all these years? what has he introduced to latenight tv that he didnt steal from dave or johnny or even howard stern? the correct answer is not a damn thing.

so why c-block conan for five years?

loyalty is the easiest thing an animal can be. even dogs do it naturally.

so the lesson, my young readers, is, if even pets are kicking your ass at something, you are way off track.

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lets blame the moon.

nothing went right tonight. i dont say that as a oh woe is me, but just like a fact for the record.

are hearts being hardened?

as a fan of bukowski, thats the last of the whining, now on with the story.

big titted girl from across town called me up thirty minutes ago while i was passed out on the couch wanting to know if i would like to come over.

no baby, why dont you come over here.

she likes me to call myself daddy.

as in daddys had a hard day.

of course it’s lame but whattya gonna do.

but baby wants to play she says and fake pouts, fake sniffles, and whines come see me, sure that it’s sexy.

shes got two convertibles and a ford escape in her driveway and yet wants me to take a cab to the wesssside.

i used to have these weird little standoffs with my true love, i had them with ashley, i had them with miss montreal, and anna kournikova.

93. crid

maybe i should just realize that im never going to win this game. if a woman wants you in her bed, even if it means waking up, showering, getting clothes for the next day in a bag, calling a cab and being mr fabulous till streetlights flicker off, then thats what youve gotta do.

lord knows they wont wanna come over to your place

use their key

see you snoring with one leg still on the coffee table

toes peeking out from under a towel

tv flashing badnews baseball scores

instant message boxes blinking by the dozen.

lord knows they wont just make things easy and give a guy a reason to believe.

so now im showered shaved cleaned up the way she wants. not feeling all so independent and punk rock the way id like to be portrayed on my beloved internet.

waiting for the cabbie to call from the gates at the end of the driveway.

wondering why it’s so easy to write when you have a deadline of fifteen minutes, but cant write a word when theres no gun to your head.

wondering why the cubs can win so many games but get shelled at home versus the whoeverthefucks.

wondering why i spend so much time wondering and so little time in the arms of big titted and not so big titted girls across town who better have some good music ready for when daddy pulls up

under a full moon

after a day when nothings gone right.

except for feeling strangely refreshed after that little nap.

435 + woody allen calls the president comical + sk smith is superpsyched + jarrett thinks fondly of ashley