2004 anna awards

best female blogger

raymi, toronto, canada

listen up gossip queers

august, 2004

listen up gossip queers

it’s none of your damn business

you wanna know, fucking email me then

don’t stir the pot by saying this that the other and assuming they wants to lay you

you want knives in my back or not, you fucking delivered them

i don’t have time for this mickey mouse bullshit

any friggin’ more

just remember what it was like in the beginning

before you ever came here

before we met

i moved to toronto and linked everyone and now i can’t be with you’s all ‘cos it brings me too much stress too much drama and too much pain to hear lies and gossip and rumors

i don’t want any part of it anymore

we can be friends and talk about the good ole gays when things were clever and angst-filled

don’t go all over the internet getting your link above mine just because you think it makes me angry

it’s kinda laughable

that you’re still like that

don’t go around commenting linking and fake-loving

‘cos i know what it’s really all about behind the scenes where “the magic happens”

a blog is a blog is a blog

you fully admitted you ripped me off from the start and this is the respect i get now

i took down ALL links and would link you gladly in a post and you know it but your ego won’t allow you to ask and you don’t even have to

i have far too many emotions over it right now to do anything about it

you knocked me up, i had an abortion and now i have an iud that is tearing my cervix apart

i never wanted to have an abortion and i know the hatemail that will come from mentioning it but yeh, not a day goes by that i don’t think about it

you did yer thing when i was a crazy loon and that shouldn’t have happened

the abortion had to of happened, all the medications i was on at the time, the thingamaling would of had arms growing out of it’s eye-sockets

and now i think i won’t go to heaven

because of us not because of you because i know that i am far from blameless in all of this

i chose my road i chose my path and all paths eventually lead to heaven but right now things are pretty hellish and this bloog of mine is a burden and a blessing sometimes it is one more than the other

i just want to start fresh

and i don’t ever plan to forget

the way

you looked

that nite

raymi + newwaveoake + i think manic

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